Who are we?

Greenlight's Social Enterprise core aim is:

To provide real and meaningful work and employment experiences to enable people with a learning disability to enhance and develop their self-confidence, skills and talents through new opportunities, responsibilities, and training for work and life, in a creative team and community environment.

Principles of Social Entreprise and Supported Employment in Greenlight Gateway:

That the primary aim of human services is to promote individual rights, human diignity and create opportunities for integrated social and economic inclusion. Greenlight Gateway is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, owned by its members, including adults with learning disibilities and with an elected board of directors.

We believe:

  • All individuals can achieve social and economic inclusion through employment opportunities. We will provide real work in an integrated setting with ongoing support, training and opportunities to all staff, volunteers and trainees.
  • All individuals have the right to make self-determined decisions and choices about their employment.
  • Many individuals need varying degrees of support to enable them to fulfil thier employment asperations and meet the employers needs.
  • All individuals should be entitled to the same pay and conditions, and have access to the same learning and career development opportunities, as their non-disadvantaged co-workers.
  • We work in partnership with the northern Trust, Day Opportunities team and key statutory and voluntary service providers.

Supported Employment Stratagies

Supported employment in Greenlight Gateway's Social Entrprise involves the use of direct support stratagies to enable individuals to:

Find jobs that suit their asperations and abilities

Successfully learn the skills and routines of the jobs they obtain

Develop career paths in line with personal asperations and abilities.

Quality Standards

Greenlight Gateway is committed to continuos improvment and development and is adopting the quality standards framework for supported employment providers (EUSE) as a model to develop best practice and which will enable us to work to a regognised benchmark and futhermore develop and improve our social entreprise and the quality of our provision.

We do this by:

  • Recycling Textiles, Clothes and Aluminium
  • Charity and Seasonal Shop (Retail Opoortunities)
  • Horticulture and Space To Grow Project
  • Country Kitchen

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